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Working with us:

Video is an amazingly dynamic and powerful tool to get your message across. Well made, effectively delivered bespoke video content will hold attention, engage and promote brand value more than any other media, but producing a video can be a very daunting venture. You may know what you want but not fully understand how to best achieve your goals and bring your message to life. That is where we come in!

Here at Splinter Faction Productions we pride ourselves on providing personal, reliable and creative collaboration at all times. We see the people we work with as partners, not clients, and tailor our involvement to your personal needs.

Our small team’s focus and dedication in your interest is at the heart of our working philosophy and drives all that we do.
It's our aim to use our experience to help you best understand how to target, reach and communicate with your audience using high quality video content.

We love to guide and advise at every stage, from concept to launch, to ensure that the product’s effectiveness becomes a source of pride for all involved, and challenge ourselves to produce the best content possible.

Whatever your understanding of media production, you will find us well prepared, equipped and experienced to take on a variety of challenging projects with speed, accuracy, transparency and economy.

The main services we offer are listed below, but we will take on any challenge. We love being dynamic and get very excited about working with you to bring any kind of project to life, the weirder the better!

Give us a call for some free advice and to discuss your ideas no matter how kooky they are, it could be the first step to bringing your project to life.


Our Services:

  1. contract video production

  2. event recording

  3. freelance HD shooting

  4. production consultation

  5. freelance producing

  6. freelance production management

  7. contract post-production

  8. editing & digital mastering

  9. DVD authoring & replication

  10. transfer & duplication

  11. NTSC capture & transfer

  12. contract sound recording

  13. sound design

  14. 5.1 mixing

  15. voiceover recording

  16. music production

  17. web-design

  18. showreels

  19. photography

  20. graphic design



  1. Final Cut Pro suite

  2. Motion Suite

  3. Color grading suite

  4. Compressor transfer suite

  5. DVD Studio Pro suite

  6. DVD duplication

  7. DVD printing

  8. ProTools recording suite

  9. Logic recording suite

  10. 5.1 surround studio


  1. Sony NX5 tapeless HD camera

  2. 4x Dedolight soft and hard head lighting kit

  3. 2x Edirol R-44 recorders

  4. 4x Sennheiser EW-112p radio mics

  5. 2x AKG CK 98 shotgun mics




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Basic rates:


Freelance HD shooting:






Location sound recording:


Sound mixing/VO recording:


Wedding/event packages:


Contract projects are quoted on a project basis, Contact us about your project


Making your video the SFP way

Every project is different, but here’s an idea of the process to create your video:

Your ideas:

  1. it all starts with you having some idea of what you want from a video. Look at some example videos and try to put together a brief that clearly defines your goals and vision. There are looks of webpages helping you do this including our news article Writing Creatives Briefs. Feel free to call us to get some free advice with no obligation, we’re happy to give you as much help as we can in preparing and organising your ideas

Start of contract:

  1. once you’ve decided to work with SFP, we’ll arrange an initial meeting confirming the brief, terms of contract and schedule. We’ll make sure that we know exactly what you want and work with you to maximise the timing, effect and reach of your project. We will work out a payment strategy that suits both parties, but usually 50% of the production invoice will have to be paid in advance of starting work on:


  1. now we move on to research, design and prepare all aspects of your film for production. We’ll start from the brief and work closely with you throughout the whole process. You’ll hear from us often for your ideas, input and for you to review progress

Sign-off for production:

  1. together we’ll review final details of the planned film and arrange specifics for shooting


  1. now we get to the fun part! In this stage we produce the source material to make your film in beautiful HD. This includes interviews, shooting and voice recording. You can be as involved as you like, it’s all great fun!

Rough cut:

  1. now we lock ourselves away to construct the first version of the film with rough cuts and graphics. Editing will be done ‘offline’, meaning the footage is edited at a slightly lower quality than the final product will be. This helps to make the editing run faster and smoother and does not effect how your video will look when completed. For more about our postproduction workflow see Krys’ news article Postproduction the SFP way

First view:

  1. we can either post your video on a private page of our site or arrange a viewing for you to review the first version of the film and give feedback. This is your main opportunity to guide us into finishing your film, major changes have to be discussed at this stage if they are to be implemented. Sometimes the first viewing will lead to:


  1. if needed, any new, missing or problematic footage identified at the first viewing will be filmed or rerecorded

Fine cut:

  1. we will respond to feedback at the first viewing, incorporate any new material and progress the edit and graphics to an advanced stage. We will also start work on packaging designs

Edit sign-off:

  1. we will meet to review the film one more time, discuss any further minor changes and sign-off the editing. At this stage we will also review packaging designs and discuss your requirements for web, DVD or BluRay

Digital mastering:

  1. the final stage of postproduction where we bring the film up to full HD quality, complete work on graphics, colour correct the film, mix the final soundtrack and export the film for delivery and archive. Packaging designs will also be finalised with a final meeting taking place if needed to sign them off


  1. Your project is now finished! We will manage the production of your DVDs or BluRays, and arrange for the transfer of web videos for embedding and digital masters for archiving. You may want to arrange a launch event, in which case we’d be more than happy to help you prepare.

Contract projects are quoted on a project basis, Contact us with help getting your project off the ground and for productions quotes