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Krystian, James, Councillor Martin D Johnson                              & Roy Evans, Wandsworth Director of Housing

Launch event photos HERE


Councillor Martin D. Johnson, Cabinet Member for Housing

Launch event photos HERE

London Borough of Wandsworth:

‘Tenants’ Housing Guide’

May 2010

Communications video

56mins, HD source

3000 DVDs and HD web video


‘Pre-budget report vox pop video 2009’


Vox-pop journalism video

4mins, DVCAM source

SD wed video

Corporate videos and private clients:

Video is an amazingly dynamic and powerful tool to get your message across. Well made, effectively delivered bespoke video content will hold attention, engage and promote brand value more than any other media, but producing a video can be a very daunting venture. You may know what you want but not fully understand how to best achieve your goals and bring your message to life. That is where we come in!

South West Thames Kidney Fund / SW Thames Institute for Renal Research:

‘Fighting Kidney Disease Together’

November 2010

Promotional/fundraising video

4 films, 42 mins, HD source

6500 DVDs and HD web video

Helier Scientific LTD.:

‘Helier Scientific: Research Services and Products’

November 2010

Promotional film/infomercial

2mins, HD source

DVD and HD web video