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South West Thames Kidney Fund / SW Thames Institute for Renal Research:

‘Fighting Kidney Disease Together’

Promo - November 2010

4 films, 42 mins HD source

6500 DVDs and web video

Charity videos:

Splinter Faction Productions is proudly associated with several charities, NGOs and 3rd sector organisations.

Our low-profile outfit and highly personal work ethic allow us to offer professional quality bespoke promotional and educational video content on low budgets.

We can fully produce your videos, design packaging or DVDs and help you embed your videos on a website. We can even help arrange a launch event to promote your new video.

WAVE Trust:

‘An Introduction to WAVE Trust’

Promo - August 2006

11 mins SD source


      The Society For Academic Primary Care:

     ‘AGM promo’

Promo - June 2008

3 mins SD source

Digital file for display


Kodak Student Film Awards entry:

‘Barnardo’s Believe’

Advert - January 2009

Westminster Filmschoool

Edit & digital postproduction:

    Krystian Jones

Sound mix:

    James Benson

30 seconds s16mm film source

Planet Angel

Various projects

‘Let’s Have a Party!’ + filming for documentary project

Instillation - Feb 2005

8mins DVCAM source

Digital file for display

Filming for documentary

ongoing from 2004

Carshalton Beeches Rotary Club

Various projects

Promo - 2008

4 films, 5mins DVCAM source

Digital file for display

Other projects ongoing

from 2004