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Audio services:

We offer a range of professional audio recording, production and mastering services for video, film and broadcast.

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Edirol R-44 (x2)

Up to 8 channels of digital audio.



AKG S300 (x2) - Mic Bodies

AKG CK 98 (x2) - Shotgun Mic Capsule

AKG CK 94 - Hypercardoid Mic Capsule

AKG CK 93 - Fig. 8 Mic Capsule

AKG CK 91 (x2) - Cardioid Mic Capsule

Shure SM58 - Vocal Mic

Rode NT1-A - Studio Mic

Radio Microphones:


Sennheiser EW-112p (x4) - Bodypacks

Sennheiser ME-2 (x4) - Lavalier Mics

Mounts & Booms:


Rycote S Series Cradle

Rycote Softies and Rubber Grip (x2)

Rode Boom Pole

K & M Boom Pole

Beyerdynamic Mic Stands (x2)

Extras & Accessories:


Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

Peli 1520 Case (x2)

All necessary Cables & Batteries