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About Us:

Splinter Faction Productions is an independent production company offering a range of professional video, sound and online services to the South East of England.

With more that 10 years of experience between two full-time technicians and producers, we are able to produce work to the highest standards at competitive rates to suit any budget and schedule.

We use our skill, passion and initiative to work closely with our clients in creating content that is professional, dynamic and affordable.

We specialise in full production of corporate, promotional and wedding videos, as well as a range of sound recording and sound mixing (including surround sound mixes) for film, video, web and television. We also offer freelance production management, postproduction and web design.

Previous satisfied clients include:

MSN UK, Hugh James Solicitors, Rotary International, Society for Academic Primary Care,  Kingston Magistrates Jury Service, London Borough of Wandsworth, South West Thames Kidney Fund, South West Thames Institute for Renal Research, Helier Scientific Ltd. and community-arts group Planet Angel.

We have our own facilities including Final Cut Pro Studio workstation and Logic / Protools surround sound studio based in Clapham, London.

We own and operate our own HD camera kit with full location sound recording including radio mics and stereo recording.




sound designer/ surround mixer

Sound recordist


web design


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Who we are, and where we came from:

Splinter Faction was a name that founder and producer Krystian used when he first started making films at college in 2003. Often working alone, surrounded by under-motivated and uninspiring classmates, the name seemed to fit.

Six years later, and Krystian has graduated from the Westminster Filmschool with top marks for his showcase films and several awards to his name.  A recession hit industry proves a challenging place to find work, so in desperation Krystian decides to go it
alone again and start his own production company. The name comes out of retirement, gets a small update and Splinter Faction Productions is born.

But thankfully, this time Krystian is not so alone; his long-term friend, travel companion and film collaborator James agrees to put his name to the partnership and join SFP! Since graduating for Hertfordshire University with a first degree in Sound Design Technology, James has made a name for himself as an all round sound guru, often in demand for sound recording, sound design for film and surround mixing.

Together, Krys and James have created an inspiring collaborative environment that utilises their shared energies and passions to drive the production off inspiring professional media content. Each with their own specialities, and contacts covering every possible discipline, Splinter Faction Productions has evolved into a completely self-sufficient media production base ready to collaborate with clients of all sorts in delivering world-class content.




lighting cameraman



DVD authoring

web design

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